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need help paying gas bill

dadinneed started this conversation

single father of 4, looking for some assistance with gas bill ($1,259.00).

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littlelacie   in reply to MomOf4NeedsHelp
call 211, give city and state, say what you need help with, they will let you know where to call for help.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to MomOf4NeedsHelp
U welcome
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MomOf4NeedsHelp   in reply to woman in a shoe
Ok thank u very much!
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woman in a shoe   in reply to MomOf4NeedsHelp
We can only give u information where u mite get help call 211 have pen and paper when u call
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Hi. I'm a single mom of four children. I have been struggling to pay my bills, living check to check without enough money to make ends meet. My sons suffers from asthma. And my gas was just cut off because I couldn't pay my bill. I am in need of help getting my gas cut back on. They said I need $600. We have no hot water. And I now can't cook my babies a hot meal. Please can someone assist me on what to do to change this situation.
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i am a single parent of four kids all at elemaentary school and my father recently passed away.i am in need of getting my gas bill just got turned off and i have noone helping,my familt is the type that don't care about noone but self.and i am in desperate need of getting my gas bill paid so that my kids came be warm,we have electric heaters but that adding more cash to the bill is $500.00 that include deposit and bill please i am asking begging for help for my kids.lonely in alabama.
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Hello. My name is katie am a mother of four. Rheee boys and one girl. I had just moved to portage indiana. And i reall need help on my gas and deposit. It is 160.00. I really need the help. Thank you and god bless!
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I am a single disabled mom in need of help with a 1800.00 gas bill. I have complained all winter about something being wrong with the thermostat one time it wouldn't get war and then when they supposed to have fixed it we were burning up. They are going to shut off my gas this week. I have my 8 month old grandson here. Please help.
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annie46   in reply to struglingfam
Hi if you take your disconnect to LHEAP they will stop the disconnect and pay your heat, you might call the gas co and let them know you are going to lheap to give you a little more time praying this helps. annie46
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I am a mother of two and need help with my gas bill that is in disconnect for today.Right now the bill is 380.00 if it get disconnected it will be 785.00 which i will not be able to come up with.Im scared to death and praying for a miracle.Any help or suggestions are so greatly appreciated.Thanks
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My name is natasha presley a mother of 7 i need help paying my gas bill
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crystal lynn
hello my name is crystal, im a single mother of 5, ages 13, 10, 4, 1 and 8 months, my gas bill is 145.00, im having a really hard time the father of my kids walked out on us and i dont know what to do, so please if u can will u help me and my chilren get back on our feet, god bless
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im a single mother of two kids i dont work im trying to go to school to better my self i need help paying my gas bill the bill is 421.00 please help my gas is off
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I'm a single mother needs help with a gas bill. So the reason it got like that is I moved out in 2007,which I thought someone was going to switch it in there name but I guess not,so how I found out it was a lot i call them and they told me I had to pay it, which I don't think i should pay all of it to remind you i moved out in 2007, they still had it on in 2008.
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I'm a mother of three and need assistance paying a 1500 gas bill. Im from Philadelphia and PGW refuses to make a reasonable pay arrangement. I must pay the 1500 by July 1 or they are cutting gas off.
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single parent in need of help with gas bill $2,250.00, I have no income, please help!
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Looking for assistance for my gas bill. Gas was turned off yesterday and of all weeks for it to be cold again, it is this week. I tried to make payment arrangements with the gas company and they would not work with me on it. I am a single mother of three children who works and goes to school full time, just difficult making ends meet.
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I am a single mother of three and I work full time and I attend school but having a time this month for my 345.00 gas bill....I need someone kindness to help me.thank you in advance.
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Am an single of 2 amd its really cold,and my gas bill is 900.00 i will need someones hel it will be an turely blessing to me and mychildren,beening on fix income and paying 900.00 gas bill is to high,have to pay rent and those other bills,so can someone pleased help us gst out of the cold.501(2916336
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single disable father NEED'S help to pay a $4,000 gas bill, PLEASE, It's geting cold, I'm going to Thank you in advance.... So THANK YOU AHD MAY GOD BLESS YOU!

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